The Aim:

To make a brand for myself that is memorable and unique, using the tone of voice that I created.

Skills Used:

Branding, illustration, typography, digital design


Research & Iterations:

I began my personal branding process by researching monograms on Pinterest and Google. After finding enough inspiration and information, I drew up some ideas for my own monogram. My tone of voice includes being bold, out of the box, and unique - so I needed to ensure that this was a consistent theme across my brand. Once I decided on a monogram that I thought fit my brand the best, I drew it digitally using Adobe Illustrator.

Colour Ways:

The next step was to try and experiment with colour. I mostly knew that I wanted to keep my monogram monochromatic, but thought it would be worth testing different colour ways. In doing this, I had placed my monogram inside of a circle, and I really liked how it looked - so I decided to stick with that design.
I started by choosing three colours I thought would fit my brand, and I changed the colour of the monogram inside of the circle.


After creating these iterations, I decided to invert the colours. However, instead of black shapes inside the circle, I made them white so they'd stand out more. I liked how these turned out, and I may use the options below, but I will mostly use a white monogram inside of a black circle.

Word Mark

Research & Discovery:

The first step in creating my word mark was to explore different typefaces. I first looked to Pinterest for this, and made a moodboard for typography, then for word marks I liked. Once I had an idea of what I wanted, I took to Adobe Fonts and Google Fonts to seek out the perfect typeface.

Decision & Refinement:

I have included a mere selection of the many fonts I saved and tried. Since I was spoilt for choice, this was a difficult decision for me. However, seeing as my tone of voice is to be bold, as well as concise, I thought that "Prohibiton" was the best typeface to use. This typeface is both bold, and clean so it has good readability yet it still stands out with the cut corners and blocky shapes.

Nicole Picton

Visual Marque

Research & Initial sketches:

As with the rest of this project, I started off by looking elsewhere for existing visual marques. I did this on Google, Pinterest, and by looking at products I had around me.
Once I had an idea of what a visual marque should look like, I quickly sketched out some ideas. At first, I drew some alongside my word mark to see if it fit well. After this, I picked one I liked and digitised it on Figma, then played with colour.


I soon realised that I didn't really like the first digital iteration very much, and I decided to start again. This time I threw out some ideas onto a spider diagram, then drew more sketches.

Digitising & Refining:

Once I finished these sketches, the more abstract designs immediately stuck out to me and I started to design them digitally on Figma. I wanted to bring colour to my brand with this idea, as well as clearly insinuating that the brand is for design, so I made sure to try this in the iterations that I had come up with.

Final Design Choice:

I decided that the design using overlapping squares stood out the most. From the designs I had come up with, I thought this one was the most unique and memorable. I think this design accurately represents my brand and brand values/tone of voice. It also brings some colour, where things may be more monochromatic if I am using my black and white monogram.



Touchpoints are a great way to establish, and build, a connection between a business and the client/user. With this in mind, I started off by creating a fun animated gif of my monogram as a digital touchpoint. This could be displayed as a loop or a one-shot animation.


As for physical brand touchpoints, I first designed a T-shirt that can have my monogram placed in the top corner of the chest. This can be with any of the coloured backgrounds I have made. There are two exampled of this below.

Business Card:

My next (and probably most important) physical touchpoint was my business card. Business cards are an essential part of growing as a business, and getting your details out there. I wanted this to be clean and bold. I created both sides using Adobe Illustrator as I wanted to become more familiar with the software.

Tin Bottles:

I drink a lot of water so, naturally, this was the next physical touchpoint I just had to make. I designed these travel mugs so that a client can pick the colour they'd like most for the circle background.