The Aim:

To create an infographic about dietary preferences in the UK circa 2020. This project was to be illustrative and interesting to read.

Skills Used:

Illustration, iconography, digital design.

Research and iterations

Initial Planning:

I couldn’t decide on a topic to base my infographic around as the brief (world population) was so broad, so I decided to do a quick brainstorm of different topics that I could zoom in on and use for my infographic.
After doing this, I decided that I’d probably be best doing a topic that I am already interested in, as I would enjoy creating an infographic based on this a lot more.

Design Research:

I moved on to looking on the Internet for existing infographics to see what information to include - and how to display it.
I looked on Pinterest and made a pinboard of interesting infographics, and I also looked through David McCandless' website at his work.

Content Research:

I then looked on a few websites, including, to find the facts and statistics to actually include within the content of my infographic (this research is displayed in my blog).
After I found everything that I wanted to include, I started to sketch my wireframes. I then wrote out the content I was using, in my own words, in a Word Doc.

Digitising Illustrations & Graphics:

Once I was happy with my sketches, and had an idea of how I wanted my illustrations and graphics to look, I took to Figma.
Here, I digitally drew my illustrations and charts. I also had to be careful with the colour palette of the text on the beige background so that there was a high enough contrast between the text and the background.

Final Development:

Click to view Infographic

After I created the illustrations and graphs that I needed, I was able to assemble my infographic and choose the right colours for the background and title, as well as decide on a typeface.
The typeface I used is called Saira, it is sans-serif and very readable but also unique and fun.